Use an easy to do mindset shift that gets you into a better mood instantly.

Feeling grumpy? Need to get out of a funk?

Here is a surefire way to shift your mindset into a positive gear.

Did you know how much control you have over your life? You are not the victim of circumstances.

Granted, life can throw curve balls, and sh*t happens to everyone. The way we deal with adversities makes all the difference.

Have you ever wondered how people like Nicholas James Vujicic can have such an upbeat outlook on every day even though he has no arms and legs?

I bet you go “WOW” when you read about him or many others like him who were able to rise from the ashes.

It all came down to a decision

You can decide to make the best of what’s handed to you.

You can decide to make lemonade instead of deploring your lemony fate.

Unfortunately, the brain resists positive attitudes. After all, if you always see everything with rose colored glasses, you might miss something dangerous.

As I mentioned in a previous post you have the power to reinforce the beneficial networks in your brain.


An easy way to start is with gratitude.

Gratitude is, vibrationally speaking if you are so inclined to believe, only one step down from enlightenment.

It’s certainly part of happiness, which in turn is beneficial for your mind and body. There are hundreds of scientific articles touting the importance of gratitude for physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Gratitude is not hard to come by. There is always something you can feel grateful for. Note that I said feel. It’s important that you immerse your whole being into that feeling of thankfulness to influence your brain.

“I’m reminded of a lady I once met at a car dealership, when I was waiting for my Prius to be serviced.

As usual, I estimated the wait time to be about an hour and I settled in with a thin book, coincidentally “Ask and It Is Given” by Abraham/Hicks.

While I have come to believe, in the meantime, that the Law of Attraction is not that simple, I knew about the law of detachment and the necessity of gratitude.

I needed to go to the restroom and flipped my book over to save my seat.

When I got back, the lady who had been sitting next to me, exclaimed: “That stuff never worked for me.”She was rotund, with gray hair and a sour expression. “I have waited an hour now, and still my car is not ready” she complained.

“Well”, I said, “at least we have a car to be serviced. Many others would likely be overjoyed if they too had a car.”

“True”, she conceded, “but around here that is not a common issue.”

“I agree”, I nodded, “but I have found that gratitude really helps in mysterious ways.”

“I have nothing to be grateful for”, she scoffed.

“Hmm”, I said, “I was astonished to see that traffic was not half bad this morning; and I am grateful for that.”

“Humph, true again”, she needed to admit.

Guess what? The next car that was called as being ready was mine!

“See?” I smiled at the lady. She could only watch me go to the next service representative, incredulity in her eyes…

thumbs up

What small thing could you be grateful for? The brain does not care about big or small things. The neural network that gets activated is the same. The more intense your feeling, the stronger the activation.

Do yourself that favor: find something to be grateful for and you’ll feel your mind shift into positive gear.

Take a cue from a puppy who can be totally ecstatic when the owner gets home. And just as ecstatic when they play fetch, over and over again.

happy puppy

Train yourself to find the positive sides to any circumstance, issue, or occurrence. Your brain will get used to favoring these patterns, as they help you without getting you into danger. Make your brain your ally (see this blog post about how) and be happier!

And please share to make someone else’s day!


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