About Dr. Irena Kay

Dr. Irena’s credentials include a medical doctorate specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. After retiring from her medical practice she became a certified Martial Arts Instructor and later a Business Performance, Executive, and Relationship Coach.
She was certified by the Quantum Success Academy and the Clear Beliefs Institute, coaching  organizations accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She also holds a certification in Therapeutic Resolution Coaching, as well as a certification as a Marriage Facilitator.
She gained insights into business strategy, tactics, and back-office work by assisting her husband, a high-achieving CEO and business owner, as well as by running her own business for many years.
After thoroughly studying neuroscience she developed a proprietary technique, NeuroYouth™, that helps release anxiety and fear. She offers a course: “Shift Your Beliefs-Rock Your Business” that incorporates NeuroYouth™ with the Clear Beliefs method created by her mentor, Lion Goodman.
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Dr. Irena is, in addition to personal coaching, writing books, hosting her own TV show, and speaking at events.
Her coaching will help you discover your inner strength, it will help you overcome obstacles and insecurity, erase anxiety and fears, and give you step by step guidelines how to break through your glass ceiling and create the business and life you always wanted.
• You will know how to talk to others effectively.
• You will be able to weigh risks vs. benefits.
• You will be able to confidently take decisions.
Most of all, you will know where you want your business and life to go.
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