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MINDSET is the Number 1 Key!

You can check with any big player, like Tony Robbins…they all agree. Mindset is 80% of Success! What is YOUR money mindset? Do you possibly sabotage yourself? Find out HERE!

RELATIONSHIP Building is Key # 2

Whether in your life or your business, relationships are the driver of any interactions. Build great relationships and people will come to know, like, and trust you. If you’re a coach or consultant and do strategy sessions, check out this article about how clients are finding the right coach.

Knowing your NUMBERS: Key# 3

How can you know what part of your business is profitable? Only if you know your numbers you can effectively focus on what’s working and change what isn’t! Look at this post with my free Profit Calculator to insert the most important numbers.

“Your Profits Reflect the Success of Your Customers”

-Ron Kaufman

I’m Irena: a business performance, success, and relationship coach, formerly a physician specializing in Ob/Gyn while raising five children. I left my medical career to teach martial arts, become a Reiki master, a marriage facilitator, and lastly a performance coach for entrepreneurs and executives. I’ve found fulfillment in being a solopreneur helping others; generating success and joy is my ultimate passion. I’m confident I will be able to help you take a giant step toward your dream life. Welcome to my family!

Irena Kay, M.D.

They say

  Barbara Ellis, Happiness Coach
“Wow…just wow! I had no idea I had this dark cloud over me my whole life. I feel so much lighter now. No wonder I never allowed myself to be truly visible and ask for the money I deserved!”

Claudine Wolk, Radio Show Host, Author of “The Lies we tell our Mothers”
“I would like to pay you for the hour we spent together because it was soooo helpful to me. If you will allow me to pay for my discovery session, please send along your address and I will mail payment. The session was far too valuable to me to be free!”

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   Terran Gimpel, IT specialist
“I really like your energy when it comes to sales. It’s so relaxed, yet logical. Like logical woo; 75% science and 25% woo. You are VERY good at what you do. When I look back at myself, it feels very surface level compared to what we did just did. I ask myself a lot of big questions in order to figure out how I’m thinking, but it’s very rare that I have a situation like this where somebody like yourself can ask just the right question to open up just the right dialogue, but also to build that layer of trust without having to convince…It’s just asking the right questions that doesn’t feel like I have to dig into myself.”

  Erin Donovan, now 7-figure business owner
“Before we talked I was feeling disconnected and there was some sadness. I couldn’t voice my gift, or my greatness, or talk about offers without choking.
I feel like I’m living now and when time is passing I am not bored or lonely anymore.
It was a great breakthrough connecting with all of the ages and aspects of myself.
Thank you!”

John Wallace, CEO of a 9-figure business
“It worked! I don’t know what voodoo stuff you did for the meeting with our pain-in-the-a** vendor, but it worked! The guy was agreeable instead of hostile, although he said he wouldn’t work with us ever again, after this. But, we came to a consensus. Saved us about 200 grand.”
Note by Irena: “I think I’m underpaid, LOL”

Jenna Partridge, Reiki Master and Calibration Coach
“She expertly guides you in the creation of your vision, the plan of action and supportive new stories to make it easier to move on that plan. You feel at ease being guided masterfully by Dr Irena ‘s outstanding compassion and intelligence! I am getting excited just thinking on revisiting it again and again as I continue to move on towards that vision. Thank you Dr Irena!”

Susan Binnie, International Best-Selling Author and writing Coach
I had the pleasure to do some work with Dr Irena. She helped me get in touch with my inner self and release a heavy weight that has been holding me down for years. The experience was eye opening and life changing. She helped me see beyond my limitations and helped me to see a new way of soaring to heights I did not believe possible. I am grateful Dr. Irena entered my world right when I needed her. She has a gentleness about her that made me feel comfortable to explore and go beyond!”

Let’s DO this! You can do it and I can help!