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Pillar 1
Your amazing Vision

Create your Vision in the broad categories of

• Relationships

• Money/Finances

• Business/Career/Work

• Health/Fitness

• Personal Growth

and watch the REPLAY VIDEO below!

Pillar 2
The Strategy and Tactics

For your chosen area of focus...develop a strong strategy and subsequent detailed tactics

• Establish were you are at right now

• Define where you want to be when your vision is complete

• Write out what has to be in place in 3 years, one year, 3 months       to be on track

• What are committing to do within one month, one week...and         today?

Pillar 3
Limiting Beliefs and Blocks

• Using the worksheets about "Common limiting Beliefs" and the     "Beliefs Self Assessment" find the beliefs that make you feel          less than good.

• For your chosen focus find the most fundamental core             beliefs that you want to get rid of.

• Formulate a concise description of those core beliefs.

REFER TO THE WORKBOOK FOR PILLAR 3 - Limiting Beliefs  + the other handouts: Common Beliefs and Self Assessment.

Download the BODYWISDOM process Self-Guide HERE

Download the NEUROYOUTH™ process Self-Guide HERE

Pillar 4
The Clear Beliefs Processes

and NeuroYouth™

• Finally! Time to replace limiting beliefs with empowering         and liberating ones!

• The first one you'll get to know is the "Body Wisdom                  Process" plus you'll get introduced to NeuroYouth™

• Get to know the exciting "Clear Beliefs Closet" technique     

• and more...

USE WORKBOOK FOR PILLAR 4 - Replacing limiting beliefs


Access a 7-lesson course, created and shared by my mentor Lion Goodman, to clear your beliefs in various areas of your life using the Beliefs Closet Process.

Pillar 5

• Shortcuts save time and money!

• Use what other people have learned

• Be strategic about what you really need for your Vision

Celebration and Wrap-Up


• You did it! Woohoo!

• You created your Grand Vision 

• Your defined your Strategy

• You courageously faced Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

• You learned the "Body Wisdom Process",  NeuroYouth™, and the exciting "Clear Beliefs Closet" technique     

• You decided on shortcuts...

• ...and you put the Icing on the Cake by wrapping everything  into a neat Package.

Congratulations!  ☼

Testimonial/Author Section

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Dr. Irena Kay

Master Mindset Coach
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